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Pioneering and innovating Peri-Peri sauces to make them lip-smacking tasty since 2015


Gluten Free Range

We believe that everyone should be able to try our sauces, so we made a Gluten Free Range!

Junk Free

This is a big part of our Mission: To bring tasty, healthy sauces to our communities

Supreme Quality

We been perfecting our sauces for 10 years now and built a reputation for outstanding products!

Our goal is not to sell a sauce, It's to build a relationship of confidence and trust with our customers

As one of the UK's leading private label condiment and sauce manufacturers, we at Mr Sauce are proud of our strong reputation for outstanding service, expertise, and innovation. We like to think of ourselves as local sauce makers, specialists in powder-based Sauces!

Mr Sauces sauce
Mr Sauces sauce

Comprising of British spices, Peppers and the African Bird's eye chilli's that we import directly from South Africa, we are proud to be market leaders in powder based sauces.

Sauces and Condiments

Our high-quality powder-based sauces are designed to make your cooking life a lot easier. We achieve this by using the African bird's eye chilli as the main ingredient in our special spice mix to bring out the exquisite flavour that you're looking for. More importantly, whether you're grilling some delicious meat or making a classic American steak, our sauce mix will keep your meat juicy and tender!

With a heritage dating back more than a decade, we combine the current best technologies with our unique, in-depth knowledge, supply chain security, and market insights to provide the best experience to our clients.

We product a wide range of sauces catering for every palate, whether its Indian, African, South American or Oriental, we have a sauce to suit your dish!

All our powder-based sauces and condiments are made using only first-class ingredients, to produce an unmatched quality and taste.

Why choose us?

Experience and Skill

Our extensive research in the food industry has taught us that every market is different. We use comprehensive research and development service to ensure the success of our product. Our experience, combined with a strong passion for innovation is the real reason why our customers love us.

Collaboration and Innovation

At Mr Sauce, we believe that the base of our success is innovation and collaboration. Results and focused oriented, we work hard to understand the needs of our customers. We then collaboratively work towards achieving our shared goal - A customised food solution that delivers real value.

Premium Quality

With a stable market position, industry leading team, state-of-the-art technology, combined with a consistent recipe, appetising presentation and excellent taste, we are committed to delivering only premium peri-peri sauces to our customers.

Responsible and Sustainable

What sets us apart is our ability to fulfil orders of every size while handling, sourcing, producing and delivering our products sustainably and efficiently. Also, by working closely with the local communities, suppliers, employees, investors and customers, we are committed to growing responsibly and sustainably.

Our Values

Continuous research, transparency, and reliability are our core values. We believe in an environment that is powered by collaborations, trust, and respect. We strive to integrate ethical codes to our shared values so that we can offer exceptional value for money and opportunities for growth.


In addition to high standards set by our variety of peri-peri flavours in the market, we also provide guidelines for the grilling processes from start to end. Whether you're a veteran or recently stepped into this market, we offer full support and training to all our potential and existing customers in every aspect.