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Read more about Mr Sauce and our story of how we came to be!


In the beginning

In 2015 we realised that our daily sauces hardly do any justice to our food. Often, they contain some liquid - such as water - as one of the main ingredients and some wheat-based product as a thickener. We believed that the sauces ought to be about flavour, and sadly, the big brands were just not upto the mark. So, we tried our own blend of spices and created a powder-based sauce. As unconventional as it seems, we enjoyed it at home with our friends and believed that it tasted so good, that we decided to make more flavours and sell it to the local community. Just like that, Mr Sauce came into existence.

For almost a decade, Mr Sauce has been a major supplier of powder-based sauces and condiments for the catering and food industry. With our clever packaging and highly efficient international logistic networks, delicious food, we are a reputable manufacturing and distribution company based in London, England who makes supreme quality consumer food products. As a market-leading supplier and producer of food products and ingredients, we believe in only one philosophy - To supply, produce and source only the best, superior quality products and to motivate our customers with exciting new tastes and ideas!

With a strong heritage of personal services, we have a strong belief in family values, and we look at our clients as our family extension with strong support and loyalty. No doubt we expect the same from our customers. It is this distinct relationship that separates us from our competitors.

Amongst our team, we've international caterers, restaurants, and award-winning chefs as well as professionals of commercial food and fine-dining outlets. With substantial experience in technical, face-to-face, food safety, and operational issues, Mr Sauce's services and products benefit from the originality of leading individuals from the food and catering business.

Gluten Free Range

We believe that everyone should be able to try our sauces, so we made a Gluten Free Range!

Junk Free

This is a big part of our Mission: To bring tasty, healthy sauces to our communities

Supreme Quality

We been perfecting our sauces for 10 years now and built a reputation for outstanding products!

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the best powder-based sauces and condiments supplier. We are ambitions and agile with the freedom to realise potential opportunities and exploit fresh thinking for growth.

We strive to consult with our customers and hope to embrace their needs and ideas so that we can design creative food solutions with high-quality ingredients. We are also committed to providing custom-food solutions with outstanding customer are and service. For this purpose, we aim to continually invest in our team, in a hope to make it the best in the industry.

Our Facilities

At Mr Sauce, our products are manufactured and designed in the United Kingdom at our factory, based in London. Our site is smartly designed and built to function at the highest standards of food safety while ensuring product security. All Mr Sauce products are manufactured to the highest standard and comply with all concerned regulations.

We have been manufacturing and distributing powder-based sauces and condiments for over a decade, supplying catering and bulk products to mainstream food markets. with a powerful team of professionals, we are confident in our ability to offer you effective food solutions while maintaining a strong relationship.

At Mr Sauce, our secret recipe is simply inspiring a creative and happy atmosphere. We price ourselves on our speed and flexibility in creating new products; thus, providing our customer base with a fully traceable, reliable, and first-rate service.

With our highly competent team who excel in food manufacturing, we also provide training and coaching for fried and peri chicken. So whether you are looking for our exquisite powder-based sauces or hoping to make your own crispy chicken, we have got you covered!